Monday, February 14, 2011


Happy Valentine's Day, All!
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If you're alone, may you bathe in
the singularity of

If you're widowed,
may you feel the eternal
face of your beloved in the
darkness of your every blink.

If you're dating,
may you feast on
the twinkling mystery
of the unfettered present.

If you're decades together,
may you cherish the tiny particles
of annoyance at the centers
of your pearl bonds.

If you're broken-up,
broken-hearted, left behind,
let-down; may you wear disappointment
only as a bullet-deflecting tiny
badge, not body-armour.

If you are with someone whom
you love so much, and it's
so nice, and you
both respect one another
and you feel amazed at the beauty of it,
may you take it calmly into your being
like a delicious sunset.

If you're too long alone, perpetual
may you marry courage and give
birth to vision.

Happy Valentine's Day

©2011 Claire Bain

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