Sunday, September 19, 2010

Condo Colony Coop Co-opt Corporeal Corp.

Your living canvas--
the meat of their
Strewn like flesh-flung
At a very exclusive event
An evening of carnality In
a booming part of a city

Your entry way
Securely lobby'd
Two canvases hardly living;
one a blur on a spin
on an approach,
the other co-opted
carefully compressed not crafted
Writing topping out
the hegemony

Your gateway to the Mission-
Your mission you have
not decided to accept
But shall take on
Or take down in
true missionary position
You even have a sign
Falsely advertising color-
ful cultures far away but
not awaiting
-O no-
Not like these muralized,
Hapless looking muthafuckers

Your signpost spells out
only what used to be
Used to tout
The othering out-hosted
house post outhouse
go slummin
go slummin
go slummin
Bulldoze it but pick
through it
Polish up yer gleanings
Put fake art notice on
Wall greening
Only in name
and not cc'd on these lanes

Your living fortified
Faux teepee canvas
True wood Troy horse myth
Every locked box labeled
Shining enamel
Drive in 'n out
Not ever having to set foot
nor penny
down in this part of town
but for the occasional tube from
chain store first floor
nouveau gourmet a-gogo
and cocktails

Who said, Yes! It's possible?
Who stood on this here
corner and who drove
In to buy stuff to work
by hand
Manual labor
Manuel the laborer
Man, well the workers
who can afford
buy here now
Fingers tapping
Buy here now
I mean
Here is what to buy

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