Saturday, November 6, 2010

Video Poems

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Ellie Longshadow

Ellie Longshadow tumbled deep into the sadness of Autumn

The violet fear riding on the rustling leaves could not escape her

any more than the lives of ghosts could shake the inky shadows of memory off their backs,

No matter how deceptivley warm was the day.

Fifteen degrees from the sunset was the mark,

the point at which the jig was up

But Ellie Longshadow did not sink with the sun,

She floated on the dusk


It was a powerful, gentle current this time of year,

The even angles

of heaven's bodily gravity

Equanimously, unwaveringly

Held to their agreement with the approaching night

Orange Light Haiku

Watch daytime TV

Sucked curtain screen shadows grow

and shrink in sun beats

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